Video from trekking in Nepal

It was an amazing trekking in the Himalaya mountains in November 2017. It is difficult to describe how beautiful it was so I have made a short video with few clips from the days in the mountains. I decided to keep the original sound with the wind blowing, the rivers flowing and the silence in the mountains. Enjoy!

New adult life in Denmark

It feels crazy all the new changes in my life the past months time. I got a new job as a veterinarian in a practice and had to change my travel plans because of the job.   It’s a little over a month ago I started, and I have had a good start but I still don’t feel truly fulfilled as a person. I think it may be because a large part of me only really feel fulfilled when travelling and taking on a job like this conflicts with my passion for travelling. I would love to combine the things I love one day; helping animals and people in developing countries, working as a vet and travelling the world. In the meantime I experience a little of it in bits. Today there is only a little over four weeks left  till I am going abroad to Nepal to volunteer with an animal charity organization. I am going to the outreach camps in the mountains in Nepal for three weeks helping with some veterinary work and vaccinating against rabies to prevent the disease. Afterwards I am going travelling as backpacker another three weeks before heading back to Denmark. I am super excited and my whole body feels warm just thinking of it. I absolutely love travelling and volunteering at the same time to make a difference for the local people and animals.

Since I came back to Denmark after been working in Wales and England I have been spending time with friends and family. It means a lot to me and it feels good to feel the Danish athmosphere and air again. I am renting a large room in Copenhagen with a lovely lady as landlord and we already shared few bottles of red wine.  Thanks to her I feel very much at home already and it is really cozy in the flat. I don’t have much things after been living abroad, but I have few old things that has value to me like my grandma’s table, a Morrocan blanket from abroad and some vintage suitcases and wood boxes. After packing my things out and putting some candlelights on the table it has become a perfect little place I now call home.

I am happy and looking forward to feel whole again when travelling around in Nepal and feeling the warmth in my heart. I can’t wait for the adventure!

Countdown for big Asia adventure <3

So today it’s quite an exciting day. There is exactly 4 weeks till I am on that airplane on my way to Indonesia the first stop on the trip.

I am going to 1. Bali in Indonesia 2. Borneo in Malaysia, 3. Nepal, and 4. India. I am gonna be on the road for 4 months and will first be back the end of the year! I want to go to South America as well and it has been on my bucket list for a long time but I might have to postpone it till next year due to budget and job, but let’s see what happens;) Everything is possible.
I have all the practical things sorted already; I thought it would take longer time for getting the visas so I applied for them in good time in advance and I got them now. I got my last vaccination, bought a new memory card for my camera so I can take a lot of pictures to share with you guys, and other goodies I felt I needed for the trip, for example a 30L drybag to keep important values dry in my backpack or out river rafting. Oh yes a lot of adventure ahead!
Last big solo travel was back in 2013, I can’t believe how time has just passed so fast! I have been to Morocco, Tanzania for my study, Switzerland few times and Italy twice in the years since my travel in 2013, and then I have lived in Wales and England where I have been working as a vet. So okay yes I have been travelling a lot but this travel is back to Asia that I love so much. This time new destinations and I never been backpacking for 4 months before actually, only for 2 months. This is gonna be the travel of my life, of course I am always a bit nervous just before the travel and I think to myself; is this wise, what if something happens to me when travelling alone, and maybe I get disappointed because the previous travels have been so fucking unbelievable amazing! How can this one get as good as that? But I know it will because I love travelling and you experience so many fantastic things and see so many places, meet so many lovely people each time. Each travel writes it’s own story and creative beautiful memories.  I am so happy and it is the best investments in life.
I will keep you posted on my life adventure in Asia so keep tuned in here:-*

Crazy last two weeks in UK

Okay, it has taken me a while to sit down and write this post, I already started it few weeks ago when I was struggling. It comes deep from the heart. The last weeks in UK were tough! Like really tough. But then I thought that this is part of living abroad and of course I should share that as well with you guys. It is not always pure joy to live abroad or travelling around.

I went back to Copenhagen for a visit before moving permanently so I could move all my stuff while I had a weeks holiday. I did this together with my mother, we took the ferry from Harwich, UK to Hook of Holland, Netherlands and drew through Netherlands, Germany and Denmark for finally ending up in Copenhagen. That whole project worked out pretty well, hard with all the 10h-12h driving but still exciting and cool. I had some time with friends and family as well but it was such a teaser to see people only shortly.

Then when I came back to an empty flat in UK with all the latest memories from Denmark it hit me hard. I had three weeks left at work. It felt so empty and I was crazy homesick every single day. Shit it has been hard, waking up every morning and checking my calendar how many days left. I felt more lonely than ever, an awful transition situation to be in. Letting go and saying goodbye in UK, but still not being in Denmark yet. And then all the documents and registration, cancellation and other stuff that needed sorting when moving abroad that just gives you headache every day and you feel your head against a wall.

If I could do it over I would have tried to do it quicker in like two days or something, quick and free of pain. So that is a little tip to you guys. It was dragging and there were so many things that needed to be sorted but at the same time I couldn’t because some of the documents were in Denmark and some of my registration or signing up for something in Denmark I needed to be IN Denmark to do so anyways. So you are stuck no matter what you try to do. With an address in UK you cannot register your arrival back to Denmark online, you have to meet at the council in person, I couldn’t take up any insurance policies or not even order a new sim card because I didn’t have an active CPR (civil registration number) and address in Denmark. Who would have thought? So everything you are stuck. Just move, sort the stuff after. In those couple of weeks I was just sitting in the middle of frustrations of both UK and DK and it felt hard.

At the same time with dealing with all the practical things I was dealing with the emotional aspect with leaving a home behind that I had build up over the last 2 + years and a life full of lovely friends that I was gonna miss so much! It might sound of nothing, but it was a lot and it was all overwhelming. Also your friends and family may find it difficult to understand what you are really going through, cause they think it’s just a flight ticket when move country right? No! No one really understands your frustrations.

I guess what you can get out of me sharing all this is just to know that it is alright to have all these feelings, it can be a struggle to move abroad even if this is actually “back home” to your country of birth. Take a deep breath, you can do it! You will manage! And remember to laugh and have some time out with your friends. My last two weekends were amazing, I had a goodbye party and even though it was sad it was fantastic to see everybody and have a last fun night together.

I am gonna miss all my friends over there but I will remember all the good memories and I know I will meet most of them again someday somewhere in the world.

The weeks of struggle are over. I arrived Denmark. I am home.

Amazing weekend in Cornwall

It was such an amazing road trip to Cornwall. I head off early Thursday and had a 3 hours drive in front of me to Bristol where I was going to meet up with a mate I had been volunteering with in Thailand few years back.


It was a fun reunion and great to see him again. Friday morning we went together to Stonehenge, about an hour and a half drive from Bristol. It was impressive to see the monuments and walk around the stone circle. From the visitor centre it is a nice little walk in the fields to get to the stones that are placed in the middle of the landscape. After soaking up the spirit from the monuments we head back towards Bristol with stopping in Bath, a beautiful town in England. I enjoyed sightseeing a bit and visiting the cathedral, walking along the river and having a drink in one of the small pubs.

On the Saturday it was the big trip, another 3.5 hours drive down to Cornwall, the very southern point in England.I had a road map with me, the satnav, plenty of snacks and water in the car and borrowed a guide book from the library to prepare a bit for the trip. Also I had looked up some camping places in the area as this seemed to be the best way of freestyle accommodation on the little adventure.

Lizard Point, Cornwall

We arrived Cornwall Saturday afternoon and had a perfect walk along the coast at Lizard Point. I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature. I could just sit there and listen to the waves and look over the cliffs and the sea. It was one of the most amazing places I have been in UK for sure. In the evening we camped in tent in a small place not far from Porthleven, which is a very cozy little harbour town at the coast.

We went to a pub in Porthleven in the evening and it was a great athmosphere with a mix of all the locals young as old out for a drink and the trekkers who were visiting the area. Next day we head off to St. Agnes and Parranporth. Parranport was a cool little surfer town with beautiful beaches and again amazing path along the coast line on the cliffs. I absolutely loved it – and I got pretty sun burned eventhough it was only April;)
In the afternoon it was time to head back after a perfect ice cream in Parranport and obligatory fish and chips from a local fabulous shop. Mmm. It was the best.

Then 6 hours drive back to Nottinghamshire but it went smooth because my mind was full of all the fantastic experiences and my heart full of happiness after a lovely weekend in the beautiful nature. This is what I love. 

Cornwall is definitely a visit worth, walk along the coast path and enjoy the beauty of the cliffs, beaches and cozy towns.


Bucket list England – Road trip to Cornwall!

So I only have 10 weeks left in UK after been living and working here for over 2 years! Unbelievable really, time has flown so fast. There are so many places I wanted to visit here so I came up with this brilliant plan to do a little final road trip in my old humble Skoda fabia before I move back to Denmark. I am SO super excited about it and I am already going here in a weeks time in the Easter holiday where I have some holiday from work.

Here is my fabulous road trip itinerary:

  • Bristol
  • Bath
  • Stonehenge
  • Cornwall

I have been to Bristol before so that is more a pit stop to see a travel buddy I did some volunteer work with back in Asia in 2013. How cool is that? I have so many good friends  around the world and I love when it becomes possible to have a reunion. Good friends are those who supports your crazy plans and just tells you a time and place to meet for your spontaneous adventure, so he is going to join me for some of the road trip and I think it’s going to be awesome! I am so excited to explore beautiful Cornwall and walk along the coast line. Follow my adventure here soon.

travel prep; one step closer

Don’t call it a dream call it a plan! I try not to plan too much for my travels, cause I like the spontaneous side of it when you are there. But I love the small preparations that are needed before going. Here is my list of the small things to do when preparing a travel or about to change your dream to a plan.

  1. Find out where you wanna go, light some candlelight, look at a world map and listen to your heart where it wanna take you.
  2. Check out flight tickets to appreciate the fact that it is actually not as expensive as you thought!
  3. Check visa requirements to be sure you are aware of that if you need to apply in advance
  4. Buy the Lonely Planet book for your next destination. Now it is
    becoming real. You invested in your future plan, you got your new travel buddy sorted – your travel book.
  5. Get the needed vaccinations, it actually feels good to get those stamps in your vaccination card and to feel the soreness in the arm the day after. Suddenly you can feel your dream is becoming real.
  6. Get the visas or the passport photos for visa on arrival
  7. Buy the flight tickets
  8. Pack your backpack (remember to bring some cash with you) and GO! Yay. As simple as that.

I am at step 7 and just about the buy my flight tickets for my big travel abroad back to Asia and to South America. I am super excited! How far are you in your dreams and plans? :-*

Make it real! Make it happen!

Letting go of the safe and comfortable life

This is one of the toughest decisions I have made. But I know that sometimes you have to let go of something good to make room for something greater. To let go of the safe and comfortable life to open up for new opportunities.

It has been hard and I have been in doubt if it would be the right decision, but I know deep inside that this is what I want to do. I remembered when I first moved over here to UK my best friend asked me how long I planned to stay and work here and I answered; “I don’t know, maybe half a year, maybe two years if I like it..” and now I have been here over two years. I have experienced so many things, made some new friends who means the world to me and created a home and a life I am going to miss deeply. I am leaving England to move closer to my roots. Today I handed in my resignation letter and it feels scary, sad and exciting at the same time. I am closing a chapter of my life and turning the page. Who knows what this new chapter brings. I know that it will start with an incredible adventure travelling in Asia and South America maybe to help me finding the way back home.